About Us

SnapKast was designed by a core team of educators originally from the Rutgers University Laboratory for Computer Science Research. The goal was to produce a software solution to make it easy to creating effective communications with anywhere, anyplace electronic publications. SnapKast empowers users to exploit sharing audio, visual sessions to any device connected to the web. We make it easy to record and deliver podcasts.

We make it easy to create a lecture, record a presentation, meetings, personal messages, deliver a narrated photo show, and other creative forms of digital communications. Produce your podCAST in a SNAP!!

SnapKast comes to you from the makers of Lecture123, a leading ePublishing solutions provider enabling effective, interactive audio visual web based presentations with ubiquitous delivery to any device. Users benefit from the unique blend of an asynchronous, yet collaborative experience which scales well for large deployment. Content access is simple, dynamic, shared, and searchable. Measured outcomes have been outstanding.


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