SnapKast   in   iTunes Store


Once you have published your SnapKast podcast RSS feed to a server on the Internet you may submit your podcast URL to the iTunes Store. The actual content still resides on the server where you published it. iTunes Store simply provides another channel for your audience to find and access your content. The page illustrates how to search for SnapKast content in iTunes Store how to submit your podcasts for others to access.


Search for SnapKast Podcasts in iTunes Store

Launch iTunes on your computer and go into the iTunes Store. This link should launch iTunes Store on your computer. Next, type your search into the Search iTunes Store area on the top right of your iTunes window and hit Enter. For example, if you enter WPHS Chemistry, you will see several High School Chemistry SnapKast podcasts.


Submitting SnapKast Podcast URLs to iTunes Store

It's very simple to submit your SnapKast podcast URLs to iTunes Store.

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