Activate License for Demo Version

These instructions assume you had already installed SnapKast which was operating in demo mode. You have just purchased a license and would like to activate it in the software to run the full version of SnapKast.

  1. Launch the SnapKast Media Center by double-clicking the desktop icon.

  2. Click the Enter License Details Now button.

    If you are already running the Media Center, then you can get to the window above that allows you to click the Enter License Details Now button by doing the following:

    1. Click on the Help pull-down menu and select About

    2. Click the Activate License button.

  3. Click on the About/Help tab.

  4. Click on the Enter License Details... button.

  5. Enter the license Name and Key that you received via email when you purchased SnapKast. For accuracy it's best if you simply copy and paste the text for these from your email directly into the fields in this window. Click OK when the fields have been entered.

    Note: if your computer is not connected to the Internet, or is behind a firewall or a NAT that does not allow this process to conect to the Internet, then please activate SnapKast manually using any web browser:
    • Hold down the Shift key and click OK.
    • Make note of the URL and the activation code you see displayed.
    • Go to a web browser on a computer that is connected to the Internet and browse to that URL.
    • Enter the license Name and Key that you received via email when you purchased SnapKas along with the activation code.
    • Make note of the activation key you see displayed in the browser.
    • Go back to your computer running SnapKast, enter the activation key into the window and click OK to activate the software.
    • Please continue here.

  6. The About/Help tab will now show that the software is licensed. Exit this window by clicking the OK.

  7. Now click the Continue to Media Center button.

    1. If you had initiated the licensing process by selecting About in the Media Center Help pull-down menu (as above), then you will see the License Type now says Full. Click the Close button on the bottom right.

  8. SnapKast is now licensed and all features are fully available.

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