New Installation Instructions: Admin Users

These instructions assume you are downloading and installing SnapKast for the first time. As part of your purchase you have received email instructions along with a software license.

WinXP and Vista Admin Installation

  1. Please download the installer from here.

  2. Launch the installer program.
    Vista may display a User Account Control saying An unidentified program wants access to your computer. Please click on Allow.

  3. The SnapKast Media Center Setup Wizard window appears. Click Next.

  4. Select I accept the agreement and click Next.

  5. Click Next to accept the default destination location.

  6. Click Next to accept the default menu folder.

  7. Click Next to start the installation.

  8. The installer will start extracting files.

  9. All the files will be extracted.

  10. The SVG slide conversion software is silently installed next. If this completes successfully, a test of this software is also done in the background. As a result of this test, Microsoft PowerPoint is launched. If the test is successful the prompt below will be shown. Click Yes to close PowerPoint or No to leave PowerPoint open. With either choice the SnapKast installer proceeds to the next stage.

  11. If an appropriate Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version is not found, then the SnapKast installer will attempt to install one. Click on the OK button to begin the installation. Note: If an acceptable Java is already installed, then the installation proceeds here.

  12. The Java installation proceeds silently and may take several minutes while this window is displayed:

  13. Once the Java install is complete, click on the OK button.

  14. Click Finish to restart your computer.

  15. Once your computer reboots you should see a new desktop shortcut. You may double click this icon to start SnapKast.

  16. If you need to enter your license information, then please proceed to the License Activation Instructions.

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