New Installation Instructions: Non-Admin Users

These instructions assume you are downloading and installing SnapKast for the first time. As part of your purchase you have received email instructions along with a software license.

Vista Non-Admin Installation

Important Message for Microsoft Vista Users: SnapKast is installed for Non-Admin users as follows:

  1. Login as an administrative user.
  2. Change the account type for the non-admin user to administrative temporarily during the SnapKast install.
  3. Log out of the administrator account and login as the user account you just enabled as account type administrative.
  4. Perform the SnapKast Admin Install.
  5. After the install and reboot is complete, login as the adminstrator and change the user account back to a standard user.

WinXP Non-Admin Installation

  1. Please download the installer from here.

  2. Launch the installer program.

  3. The SnapKast Media Center Setup Wizard window appears. Click Next.

  4. Select I accept the agreement and click Next.

  5. Some parts of SnapKast require administrative privileges to install. Since you are running the SnapKast installer with a user account that does not have administrative privileges, please enter the username of an Admin user. You will be prompted for the password later. Then click Next.

  6. Click Next to accept the default destination location.

  7. Click Next to accept the default menu folder.

  8. Click Next to start the installation.

  9. The installer will start extracting files.

  10. If a new SnapKastSVG printer needs to be installed for slide conversions, please follow these steps. Otherwise, you may skip to here.

    1. You are prompted to enter the password for the Admin you entered above; be sure to hit the Enter key after entering the password.

    2. Once the SVG printer installation is complete, click OK.

    3. Now the SVG slide conversion process is tested. This will launch PowerPoint in the background. Please answer Yes or No to proceed. Typical answer is Yes. However, if you had PowerPoint running prior to this installation, you may wish to answer No.

  11. If the installer determines that you need Java installed, please follow these steps. Otherwise you may skip to here.

    1. Click OK to start the Java installation.

    2. You are prompted to enter the password for the Admin you entered above; be sure to hit the Enter key after entering the password.

    3. Please do not click OK until the Java install is complete.

    4. Select Typical setup and click Accept

    5. The Java install may take several minutes.

    6. Click Finish once Java is installed.

    7. Now you may click OK to complete the SnapKast installation.

  12. If a new SnapKastSVG printer driver was installed (as above, then you should reboot you computer by clicking Finish.

  13. Once your computer reboots you should see a new desktop shortcut. You may double click this icon to start SnapKast.

  14. If you need to enter your license information, then please proceed to the License Activation Instructions.

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