Format Recorded Sessions

Recorded sessions must be formatted to create the media files that can be shared with others or included in podcasts. SnapKast offers two types of media for this purpose:

Select Your Session to Format

  1. Click on the Format tab to start. If you just completed a recording session, then you are already on the Format tab.
  2. Format Tab Select

  3. If no session is selected, click the Choose Session... button and select a session with the SnapKast Session Chooser.
  4. If you have just finished recording a session, that session is already selected.

Set Format Options

After chosing your session, you can now configure the options that will dictate what your formatted session will contain. Follow the steps below to proceed:

Choose Unformatted Session

  1. Choose or type the album name in the "Choose/Type SnapKast Album" field (required). An album is like a folder and allows you to organize similar sessions in a common place. If you have created albums previously, they are stored in the pull-down list. You can store the new session in one of these albums or simply type in the text field to create a new album. If you type the name of an album that already exists, then the session will be stored in that album.
  2. Type the title for the session in the "SnapKast Title" field (required). By default, the title matches the current name of the session displayed in "Current Session" box. In some cases you may prefer a more descriptive title. This is your opportunity to change the title.
  3. Enter the author email address in the "Author Email" field (required). A valid email address must be entered. This identifies the creator of the media files.
  4. Click the Video Settings... button to change the video resolution and quality.
    If you wish to format a session in more than one video resolution, then please review these instructions.
  5. Click the Format button to start the encoding process. The progress indicator gives you an idea as to how much time is left before the process is complete. The actual time depends on the configuration of your PC (e.g. cpu type and speed, memory) and the Format setting you have selected (e.g. video size and quality). Our preliminary format benchmarks estimate that a PC with a 2MHz cpu for 320x240 video at 7fps takes between 25-50% of the session time, e.g. a 60 minute session may take about 15 minutes to format.

You may now go playback your sessions and share the audio or video files with others in the Play tab.