SnapKast Look and Feel

Users have the ability to change the look and feel of the SnapKast windows and components (buttons, tabs, lists, etc)1. All changes made to the look and feel (except the skin) are remembered when you exit SnapKast.

To change the look and feel, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the [Frame Icon] to display the menu.

    Click Frame Icon Image
    Figure 1: Select the Media Center Frame Icon

  2. Choose the category of components you would like to change (Figure 2, A):

    Click Frame Icon Image
    Figure 2: Choose your LAF

  3. Select the item in the category to affect the change (Figure 2, B).


With the choices selected in Figure 2, here's a screenshot of the resulting Media Center window.

Click Frame Icon Image
Figure 3: Finding Nemo LAF

Getting SnapKast to Remember the Skin

The currently selected skin is not saved when you exit SnapKast. If you would like SnapKast to remember the skin, you'll need to edit the MediaCenter.bat file found in your SnapKast installation directory as follows:

  1. Right click on the SnapKast Media Center icon on your desktop and select Properties from the popup menu.
  2. Click the Find Target... button to go to the SnapKast installation folder.
  3. Right-click on the Mediacenter.bat file and select Edit from the menu.
  4. Make sure Word Wrap is selected on the Format menu.
  5. Look for the string -Dswing.defaultlaf=some value, where some value is usually org.jvnet.substance.SubstanceLookAndFeel.
  6. Change some value to the desired substance look and feel. For the skin in Figure 3 above, this value is The values of other skins can be found on the substance home page.
  7. Click File->Save, then exit the editor.
  8. The next time you launch SnapKast, you should see the skin you selected.

Resetting SnapKast Back to the Default Look and Feel

To change back to the default look and feel follow these steps:

  1. Click [Frame Icon]->Substance themes->Bright Themes->Aqua
  2. Click [Frame Icon]->Substance watermarks->Stripes
  3. Click [Frame Icon]->Substance button shapers->Standard
  4. Click [Frame Icon]->Substance gradient painters->Standard
  5. Click [Frame Icon]->Substance title painters->Glass 3D

The settings will be saved when you exit SnapKast.

1. Look and feel courtesy of