Configuring MPEG-4 Video Players


SnapKast can produce MPEG-4 video for playback. This web page provides tips on how to configure various video player programs to play MPEG-4 videos correctly. As with many computing platforms, there are numerous solutions to these issues. These following suggestions have worked when tested in our labs:

Microsoft Windows Media Player

Unfortunately Windows Media Player does not support MPEG-4 videos as it is installed from Microsoft. Here are steps to enable MPEG-4 videos in Microsoft Windows Media Player. Once complete MPEG-4 videos should play.

  1. Go to
  2. Download the most recent K-Lite Codec Pack FULL version. (e.g. as of 8/10/2006 the latest version is 2.74).
  3. Run the downloaded K-Lite Code Pack executable (e.g. file name for 2.74 is kdodec274f.exe).
  4. Use all the default settings during the installation.
  5. Once installed run start > All Programs > K-List Codec Pack > Configuration > Code Tweak Tool
    1. Check Detect broken codecs.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Click the Finish button.

Now MPEG-4 videos should work in the Windows Media Player.

Apple QuickTime

On some computers (e.g. Toshiba tablets) MPEG-4 videos are displayed very faintly in the QuickTime player. One solution is to change some configuration settings in QuickTime:

  1. Start the QuickTime program. You might double-click the QuickTime shortcut on your desktop or try start > All Programs > QuickTime QuickTime Player
  2. Select the Edit pulldown menu and then slide to Preferences and click QuickTime Preferences.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Clear the Enable Direct3D video acceleration checkbox. (Note: you may also need to select the Safe Mode (GDI only) radio button)
  5. Click Apply and restart QuickTime.

MPEG-4 videos should now play well in QuickTime.

Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes has a built-in video player that apparently utilizes QuickTime software. We have found that applying the changes for QuickTime can make the iTunes player behave correctly.

VLC Media Player

No configuration needed.

Real Player

Works with version 10.5. Real player will detect and prompt for the installation of any needed codecs. No further configuration is needed.


Follow these steps to configure Winamp for MP4 video playback (tested on version 5.34):

  1. Download and install the K-Lite Codec Pack FULL as per instructions for configuring Windows Media Player.
  2. Type CTRL-P on your keyboard OR Click the sequence "Winamp Menu->Options->Preferences"
  3. Locate the Plug-ins section in the left frame, then click Input.
  4. A list of input plugins appears on the right. Double-click "Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder...".
  5. Append ;MP4 to the extension list. Click OK.

If you're still having difficulty try some of the solutions on the Winamp Most Requested Features/Plug-ins page (scroll to the MPEG-4 Video section).