Playing or Sharing Your Formatted Sessions

SnapKast produces two main deliverables for you:

  1. Audio and/or Video Media Files to Share with Others - these files are produced by formatting your recorded session. They may be played back and reviewed on the Play tab. If you are happy with the results, you may simply use the media files on the Play tab to share with others.
  2. Podcasts of Your Recorded Sessions - once you have reviewed the media files in the Play tab, you may create podcast RSS feeds in the Podcast tab.

The Play tab (A) offers the ability to play the formatted session locally and to use drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste to share with others. Your first step is to select the formatted session you wish to play by clicking on the Choose Session... button (B). If you have just completed formatting a session on the Format tab, then that session is already selected for you.

Play Tab Image
Figure 1: SnapKast Play Tab

Playing Your Formatted Sessions

To playback your session, follow these steps (refer to Figure 1):

  1. In the "Your Completed Media Files" section, select a media file by clicking on one of the entries in the "Select Media File" list (C). Click the View File Properties button (F) to display the file name, location, and modified date. You have the ability to delete the file with the Delete Selected File button (F).
  2. Click the Play button (D) to launch your preferred media player with the selected file. See SnapKast options to change which program launches when the Play button is clicked. A small window is shown to indicate that the desired program is being started. You can close this window manually or wait 10 seconds for it to disappear on its own.
    If you close SnapKast without first closing other programs launched (by clicking the Play button), then SnapKast will close all those programs when it exits.

Sharing Your Formatted Sessions

You can share media files by conventional window drag-and-drop or copy/paste operations. These operations are identical in the sense that they represent copying a file from some source to some destination. The source is always the SnapKast Media Center and the destination can be your desktop, email program, sound/video editor, any Explorer window, or a remote file copy program (e.g. any ftp program). As always, the user must have permissions to write to the destination for the operation to succeed.


Drag-and-drop is most effective when the source and destination locations are visually side-by-side (i.e. windows that are not obscured or overlapped). With the media file selected (see above), click and hold down the left mouse button, then move it from the Media Center to the destination (drag) and release the left mouse button (drop). In the picture below, the file video-640x480.mp4 is dragged from the Media Center to the user's My Videos folder.

Play Tab: Drag and Drop


  1. Please refer to Figure 1 above. Select the media file of interest (C) and click the "Copy to Clipboard button (E).
  2. Go to your destination and use that program's paste operation to place the file there (Ctrl-V works well in many cases).

    Play Tab: Paste in Explorer Window

If you wish to create an RSS feed for your session(s), then please continue with the Podcast tab.

If you wish to publish your audio or video files to web sites (e.g. YouTube), then please review the Publish Files instructions.