Publishing Your Podcast

Note: Podcast creation and publishing are advanced features of SnapKast. The assumption is that you have access to a web server to host the podcast content and that you know how to publish files from your PC to that web server.

The final step in podcast creation is publishing. Publishing involves copying the podcast folder to a location on a web server. The web server is the one specified in the server portion of the URL your specified during the "Create RSS" step (please see Publish URL for more details).

To get started, click on the Podcast tab, then click on the Publish sub-tab. Note this tab should already be chosen for you if you just created the podcast on the Create RSS sub-tab.

SnapKast Publish Tab

  1. Select one of the podcast folders in the "Select Podcast Folder" list (already selected if you just created the podcast).
  2. SnapKast Publish Tab: Select Podcast Folder

  3. Access the folder on your web server where the podcast file will reside (e.g. using a network disk or file transfer program). The name and location of this folder corresponds to the PATH section of the Publish URL. If this folder does not exist on your web server, then it must be created (and the appropriate permissions set) before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Drag-and-drop the selected podcast folder from the Media Center to your web server folder. In the diagram below, the podcast folder "evil_boy_genYus" is dragged from the Media Center to the SSH Secure Shell Client program (with the publish location already selected).
  5. SnapKast Publish Tab: Drag and Drop

Podcast Web Page

Once the transfer is complete, your podcast is published and others may now access the podcast URL to subscribe to your podcast content.

SnapKast Publish Tab: End Result