Publish Audio/Video Files to the Web


SnapKast produces two main deliverables for you:

  1. Audio and/or Video Media Files to Share with Others - these files are produced by formatting your recorded session. They may be played back and reviewed on the Play tab. If you are happy with the results, you may simply use the media files on the Play tab to share with others.
  2. Podcasts of Your Recorded Sessions - once you have reviewed the media files in the Play tab, you may create podcast RSS feeds in the Podcast tab.

Overview of Publishing Files

Once you have recorded and formatted your audio or video files, you can publish them to various web based hosting services. The following hosting sites have been tested with SnapKast and work quite well. You can use the instructions below with small variations for many other hosting sites.

There is one step in the instructions to publish to hosting services that is commonly used, i.e. the copy and pasting the location of the audio or video file in a web publish form. This is simply accomplished in the Play tab by right-clicking on the desired file listed in the Select Media File section and selecting the Copy File Location item in the pop-up menu. This copies the full file path to the clipboard. You may then paste this into the web form when asked for the file location.

Play Tab Copy File Location Image
Figure 1: SnapKast Play Tab -- Right-Click for Copy FIle Location

Instructions to Publish to Specific Hosted Providers


If you wish to create an RSS feed for your session(s), then please continue with the Podcast tab.

For more information about playing back your sessions or sharing sessions, please please review the Playing and Sharing instructions.